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Ebony Green is focused on developing successful brands in the hemp industry. $eGreen is used to fund black owned businesses that are focused on holistic wellness through ethnogenic plant medicine. 


$eGreen was created by TheRealJayMills as an educational tool to empower entrepreneurs of color seeking legal entryway into the cannabis business. As the local laws have progressed faster than federal regulations, hemp related businesses are constantly faced with difficulties finding a banking institution to hold their funds. 


$eGreen is intrinsically designed to be anti-whale, high interest, and exponential in growth. This coin was created to serve 3 important purposes:

1. To fund and promote small hemp related businesses owned by people of color.

2. To educate our community on ways to achieve financial empowerment.

3. To provide liquidity pools that can be used to farm future coins created by brands we believe in. 


I only have coinbase. Can I buy your coin from there?

You can buy AVAX from coinbase. AVAX is short for the Avalanche network coin, which can easily be found on all major exchanges. You'll need it to swap for $eGreen.

Then follow these simple steps:


$eGreen Tokenomics

5% Reflection

10% Liquidity


Contract Address


Download Metamask


Trader Joe Website


$eGreen Contract

About Avalanche




We promote the products and services of brands that focus on holistic wellness. We support businesses that make a positive impact in the communities they serve. If you know of a business that should be highlighted by Ebony Green, send us their information and we will be sure to check them out.

Thanks for submitting!


Open your MetaMask Wallet via the Avalanche network. Then copy and paste this link into your browser window.

AVAX / eGreen LP

BUY $eGreen

Ebony Green is currently supported by the following liquidity pairs:

AVAX/ eGreen

USDT / eGreen

JOE / eGreen

See the contract on




Next year, on 420 we will launch our non-profit that is largely funded by staking your $eGreen. We will donate 10% of our profits gained each month to provide a chosen business with funds they deserve. Businesses are nominated by the public and voted on by all $Legacy coin holders.


Ebony Green was founded by Jamila Hogan, DBA

The Real Jay Mills. 


Jay Mills is the first black woman to manage a cultivation center on the east coast, and uses her art as advocacy for mental wellness and community economic empowerment. She founded the Ebony Green Society to provide a safe space for hemp enthusiasts to network. 


The Real Jay Mills is more than an artist, and a businesswoman. She is a Trendsetter, a Taste Maker & a Custom Brand. PassTheJay

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